Calendar of Events and Scheduled Closings

Please note: We have discontinued music at our establishment as of May 2017.  As we are a small restaurant, the cost of license fees, prices musicians charge and inability to charge a cover or bring in a large crowd (due to limited seating) are simply too high to justify live music once per month.

Scheduled Closings:  We appreciate the opportunity to allow our employees time off to celebrate with their families.  They work long and odd hours and we want to reward them with some much needed R&R.
St. Patrick’s Day


For St. Patrick’s we will be operating according to the Governor’s mandate and CDC recommendations. This means we will only be allowing approximately 40 guests in the pub at a time, abiding by the 6 foot radius between tables and bar stools. We will have Mitchell at the door giving a count of occupancy and only allow newcomers in when current guests depart. We ask that no congregating or lines form outside the pub. You can leave your number and we can text as we are able to and let you know when openings occur. No reservations will be accepted. Please don’t ask us to make exceptions or break this mandate; it is in place for everyone’s safety. We also recognize it can change at any minute and will update if need be.

We encourage and offer to go meals of our breakfast, lunch, and dinner through the duration of our kitchen hours.

Our hours for March 17th:
Breakfast: 8:00 AM (and served all day)
Lunch/Dinner: 11:00-9:00
Bar closes promptly at 10:00 PM

Memorial Day
Labor Day
Christmas Eve: Open 11-3
Christmas Day: Closed