PADDY’S LUNCH AND DINNER MENU: Served Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 to 9:00PM*

*On Friday evenings, we feature a special fish fry menu (no regular menu service after 4:00

(Scroll the the end to view our limited Friday menu)

We strive to use all-natural and local foods.  Our menu is made from scratch, so please be patient with our tiny kitchen…it’ll be worth the wait!


Special Appetizer of the day*  Ask about our special of the day!

Boneless OR Bone-In (qty. 12): $11 Tossed in our sweet whiskey glaze or Buffalo sauce 

Irish Cheese Curds: $7  Deep-Fried Kraemer Wisconsin Cheese Curds served with homemade ranch 

Giant Pretzel: $15. A 24 ounce baked pretzel served with homemade cheese sauce 

Scottish Egg: $7 Hardboiled egg rolled in Jones Sausage and Panko.  Served with stone-ground mustard. (qty 2)

Irish Poutine: $11  Deep-fried Kraemer Muenster cheese curds, french fries, homemade Guinness gravy and Kraemer cheddar with green onion 

Reuben Egg Rolls: $7  Cabbage, corned beef, onion, Swiss cheese, and mozzarella cheese rolled into an egg roll. (qty 2)

Pickle Chips: $7 Fried and crispy pickles served with homemade ranch 

Wonton Pepperoni Stick: $9 Mozzarella and pepperoni wrapped in wonton wrap and served with Mangiami Marinara 


Bean and Ham Soup :     Northern bean, Jones ham & vegetable soup      Cup 4.00   Bowl 6.00                             

Paddy’s Irish Stew  A blend of veggies, potatoes & Heritage farms beef    Cup 5.00    Bowl: 7         

Garden Salad: Full: $8   Side: $5 Spring green salad with sliced tomato, cucumber, onion, mushrooms, and homemade croutons.  Add grilled chicken ($7) or Mahi or steak ($8)

Southwest Salad: $15 Grilled chicken served with fried corn tortillas, a blend of peppers, onion, corn, and black bean with tomato wedges on spring greens. Served with our southwest dressing. 

Black and Bleu Salad*: $16 Tenderloin steak grilled to your liking on a bed of greens with bleu cheese, bacon, and green onions. Served with our homemade blue cheese dressing.

Salmon and Pear Salad*: $19 Spring green salad with grilled Salmon, Kraemer blue cheese, red onion, pears and candied nuts.  Served with honey balsamic dressing 

              *Rare or raw items may increase your risk for foodborne illness


Served with pub chips, beer battered fries, coleslaw, or cottage cheese.  Upgrade to soup $1.00, sweet potato fries $1.50, side salad $2.50, or cheese curds $4.00.  *Make any sandwich Gluten Free Friendly with Udi’s bread or buns: $2

Paddy’s Reuben: $11 Deli-style corned beef, Swiss, kraut and thousand island dressing served on marble rye

Try it as a “Rachel” with turkey      11

*Make it a veggie option with grilled tomato  7

GBLT Sandwich: $9

Triple Jones Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and St. Gerald’s Horseradish Aioli on sourdough 

Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich (contains nuts): $12

Our fresh chicken breast grilled and topped with pesto, tomato, mozzarella and lettuce

Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich: $12 Our fresh chicken breast, seasoned and fried, with lettuce, pickles, and sriracha aioli 

Deluxe Grilled Cheese: $9 Kramer Mozzarella, Hoard’s Aged cheddar, pesto* from homegrown basil and tomato on sourdough (*contains nuts)

Tone it down with just mozzarella and cheddar     $7.    Make it a Deluxe Turkey Melt: Add $3

Local Pickle and Ham Grilled Cheese: $12 The ultimate local sandwich served on Fireside Dill bread with dill pickles, Kraemer mozzarella cheese, Jones Ham and dill sauce 

Patterson Happy Meal: $11 Deli-style turkey, Jones ham and bacon, pepperjack cheese, lettuce and mayo served on toasted sourdough 

Blackened Mahi Sandwich: $14 Blackened-grilled Mahi with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

Steak Sandwich*: $15 Tenderloin steak grilled to your liking and topped with mushrooms and onions

FOR THE WEE ONES (For Children 12 and under only please Served with choice of pub chips, fries, cottage cheese or fruit of the day 

Chicken Tender Meal: 6

Hand Battered Fish Nuggets: 5

Mini Corndogs: 5

Grilled Cheese: 5


Served with pub chips, beer battered fries, coleslaw, or cottage cheese.  Upgrade to soup $1.00, sweet potato fries $1.50, side salad $2.50, or cheese curds $4.00.  

Fish and Chips: 12

Delicious cod, hand-dipped in our made from scratch beer batter.  Served with coleslaw, lemon wedge and homemade tartar.    

Chicken Tenders: 11

Natural, hand cut chicken tenderloins dipped in our delicious beer batter and served with your choice of 2 dipping sauces.

Fish Tacos: 14

Two corn tortillas filled with blackened Mahi and topped with cabbage, pico-de-gallo, and guacamole. 

Irish Tacos: 11

Two corn tortillas filled with corned beef and topped with coleslaw, spicy aioli and cilantro 



Burgers are hand-pattied from small, local family farms that are big on quality!  

Served with pub chips, beer battered fries, coleslaw, or cottage cheese.  Upgrade to soup $1.00, sweet potato fries $1.50, side salad $2.50, or cheese curds $4.00 *Make any sandwich Gluten Free Friendly with Udi’s bread or buns: $2

Add lettuce, raw onions and tomato at no cost

Add Jones bacon or guacamole for $2

 Add butter-fried mushrooms or onions for $.50

Classic Hamburger: 11

A classic burger cooked to your liking and served on a gourmet bun

Paddy Melt: 12

Smothered with onion, mushrooms, and swiss cheese on our rye bread.

Whiskey Burger: 14

Topped with cheddar cheese, Jones bacon, onion ring and our homemade sweet whiskey glaze


Cheeseburger: 12

Choose from gouda, mozzarella, american, cheddar, swiss, pepperjack or blue cheese

The Pickle Burger: 14

Mozzarella cheese with Jones bacon, fried pickles and homemade dill aioli sauce 

 Veggie Burger: 9

A delicious black bean patty with lettuce, tomato and onion on our gourmet bun

CHEF SPECIALTIES: Served all day

Special Appetizer of the day*

Varies daily so ask about today’s variety!

Daily Special*

Ask your server to share what delicious item the kitchen has created for today!

Soup or Stew of the Day

Ask about the homemade option for the day!

A round for the kitchen:  11

Buys a beer or cocktail for the kitchen staff.  Their favorite special!

Shepherd’s Pie: 12

A delicious dish of tenderloin beef and vegetable stew baked with mashed potatoes and parmesan cheese, and finished with green onion and rye bread

Bangers and Mash: 12

Two Irish Bangers over mashed potatoes and homemade gravy and green onion

Jameson-Glazed Salmon: 19

An incredible 8 ounce Norwegian Salmon served with whiskey glaze, mashed potatoes and  fresh vegetable


Irish Bread Pudding: 5

Guinness Chocolate Cake: 5

Cheesecake of the day: 6

PADDY’S FISH FRY MENU: Served after 4PM on Fridays


Ask your server about the special appetizer of the night!

Big Pretzel:   8

Irish Cheese Curds:   7

Coconut Shrimp: 10

Special Appetizer: Price Varies


Irish Stew Bowl   7

New England Clam Chowder (cup 4/bowl 6)

Jones Ham and Bean  (cup 4/bowl 6)

Spring Greens Side Salad   5


When possible, we use local products & sustainable wild-caught, chemical free seafood.  You will taste the difference.

Fresh Catch: Market Price

Ask your server about the unique dish we have created

Two-piece fried Cod Dinner   12  (please no splits)        

Beer battered, wild caught and chemical free cod served with fry of the evening, coleslaw & rye bread

$4 per extra cod piece

Black and Bleu Salad   16

Grilled tenderloin, bacon, green onion, blue cheese and crispy atop spring greens

Parmesan-Panko Crusted Haddock   16

Wild Caught and Chemical Free baked haddock served with our side and vegetable of the evening

Garlic Buttered or Beer-Battered Shrimp   18

Eight USA Chemical Free Gulf shrimp with our side and vegetable of the evening

Steak Sandwich   15*

Tenderloin steak topped with fried onions and mushrooms served with fry of the evening

Cheeseburger   11.5*

Made with local beef from small Wisconsin farms and served with fry of the evening


Served with fry of the evening 

Hand Battered Fish Nuggets: 5

Corndogs: 5

Grilled Cheese: 5


Irish Bread Pudding   5

Guinness Chocolate Cake   5

Cheesecake of the Day   6

* Due to the nature of restaurants and cross-contamination concerns, this menu can only provide “gluten-free friendly” options.  While the Udi’s brand and our dressings are certified gluten free, it is possible that trace amounts of gluten may be present in the kitchen atmosphere and on our kitchen equipment, which includes our deep-fryer.  Our staff will do our best to accommodate your dietary restrictions, but cannot guarantee an absence of gluten.

Our Preferred Wisconsin Vendors

Barnyard Bison, Watertown

Doug Jenks Honey, Lake Mills

Fireside Dinner Theater, Fort Atkinson

Heritage Country Meets, Jefferson

Hoard’s Dairyman Farm Creamery, Fort Atkinson

Jelli’s Market, Hellenville

Jones Dairy Farm, Fort Atkinson

Kramer Wisconsin Cheese, Watertown  

Mangiami Italiano, Fort Atkinson

Mindemann Farms, Sullivan

Paddy’s Pub Farm, Jefferson

Papa Brunk’s Bakery, Fort Atkinson

Poyer’s Farm Market, Fort Atkinson 

Warm Belly Farm, Fort Atkinson