Calendar of Events and Scheduled Closings


Please note: We have discontinued music at our establishment as of May 2017.  As we are a small restaurant, the cost of license fees, prices musicians charge and inability to charge a cover or bring in a large crowd (due to limited seating) are simply too high to justify live music once per month.

Beginning July 5th, 2021 the pub will be closed on Mondays:  we have evaluated our hours to best service our customers, ensure we are fully staffed, allow for ample rest and time with family, and operate in a financially sustainable manner.  For these reasons, we have decided to close on Mondays. 

Scheduled Closings for 2023

Scheduled Closings:  We appreciate the opportunity to allow our employees time off to enjoy their families.  They work long and odd hours and we want to reward them with some much needed R&R.  This also allows Mitch and I to be able to do some projects at the pub!

CLOSED: Saturday, July 1st- Wednesday, July 5th (REOPEN Thursday, July 6th) for staff break

CLOSED: Thursday, November 23rd